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Special Issue: Beasley. Introduction to the Special Issue, 2003

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Special Issue: Dorfman & Awmiler. Litigating System Reform Cases on Behalf of Individuals With Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Needs, 2003

Special Issue: Gardner & Hunter. Psychosocial Diagnosis and Treatment Services in Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities for Persons With Mental Retardation: Practice Guides, 2003

Special Issue: Beasley & Hurley. The Design of Community Supports for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Needs, 2003

Special Issue: U.S. Public Policy: Assessment of Services for Individuals

With Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Needs

Special Issue: Beasley. Introduction to Special Issue

Special Issue:  Jacobstein, Stark, & Laygo. Creating Responsive Systems for Children With Co-Occurring Developmental and Emotional Disorders, 2007

Special Issue: Rubin, Fahs & Beasley. Delivery of Health Care for People With “Dual Diagnosis”: From the Person to the Policy, 2007.

Special Issue:  O'Brien. Changing Environments of Inpatient Psychiatric Care
for Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities, 2007

Special Issue: Lakin,  Doljanic, Taub, Chiri  &  Byun. Adults With Dual Diagnoses of Intellectual and Psychiatric Disability Receiving Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) and ICF/MR Recipients in Six States, 2007

Special Issue: Beasley & Hurley, Ask the Doc. Public Systems Supports For People With intellectual Disability and Mental Health Needs in the United States, 2007


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Review and Three New Case Reports, 2002

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Special Issue: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment of Sexual Deviance and Sexuality Offending Behavior in People with Developmental Disabilities


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and Psychopathic Personality, 2000


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